Brand & Marketing Transformation

We help companies create lasting value through strategy, implementation & enablement

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We are MAUDE

We are a team of brand strategist and digital specialists sharing one goal: helping companies transform their brand and marketing abilities to keep up with the ever changing market conditions. We know that transformation is not just about doing something new. It is about deliberately doing something different, to go somewhere specific. To know where to go, you need direction. To know how to get there, you need structure. This is the reason we founded MAUDE.

Achieve long term growth
and short term results

The key to unlocking true commercial transformation from brand & marketing is the ability to navigate and bridge brand building with revenue generation. In practical terms, this requires an ability to identify and implement long-term growth opportunities and realize short-term targets. It is within this intersection that MAUDE exists, and through this perspective we engage with our clients: By offering strategically rooted brand building and digitally rooted revenue generation.


Co-creation and close collaboration are the cornerstones of a successful transition from strategy to implementation.

Mikkel Emil Lindgaard, Managing Partner

Leaving lasting value

At the heart of transformation lies capabilities. For leaving lasting value, strategy and implementation must be accompanied by enablement of the organisation. To navigate the practical complexity of this seemingly simple task, we apply our Marketing Engine Framework, allowing us to plan, foresee and handle possible implications across each client engagement’s individual challenges. This way we ensure that brand building fundamentals interlocks successfully with revenue operations, helping you transform not only your strategy but also your ways of working.


We help you clarify your strategic direction, define your winning brand position and go-to-market strategy by understanding your market, customer needs and their different journeys.


We help you develop compelling brand & communication concepts that set you apart from the competition, as well as develop effective campaigns and lead generation initiatives to feed and meet your commercial targets.


We enable your organization to continue the transformation through involvement and capability building intended to pass on the toolbox to your team in the most effective way, when needed.





  • Brand positioning

  • Market analysis

  • Customer segmentation

  • Brand architecture

  • Value propositions


  • Brand concepts
  • Brand identity
  • Communication platforms
  • Messaging
  • Content & communication


  • Customer journey mapping
  • Channel strategy
  • Content strategy
  • Digital strategy


  • Demand generation

  • Demand capture

  • Deal acceleration

  • Lead management

  • Performance assessment



  • Tools & frameworks

  • Training and enablement

  • Process development

  • Workshops & co-creation

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